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Название: QRP-QRP-Party
Отправлено: US7IGN от Апрель 25, 2018, 04:42:58 pm
I. Objective   Promotion of low-power operation. Participation is open to all radio amateurs and SWLs.
II. Dates   Annually on 1st May from 1300 to 1900 UTC.
III. Bands   80m (3510-3560kHz), 40m, 20m (14000-14060kHz), 15m, 10m.
The IARU-Region-I band plan must be adhered to!
IV. Categories   Category A: Up to 5W output
Category B: Up to 20W output
V. Operation   Only CW (A1A).
Only single OP. Only one TX and RX or TRX is allowed to be operated simultaneously. The use of decoders or reader software is not allowed.
Both call signs have to be sent at the start of a QSO.
Example: DL1ABC de DL9XYZ.
EXCHANGE: RST report plus a progressive 3-digit serial number starting at 001/category. Example: 579001/A

http://www.agcw.org/index.php/en/contests-and-cw-activities/qrp-qrp-party (http://www.agcw.org/index.php/en/contests-and-cw-activities/qrp-qrp-party)